"I will be laser focused on getting housing built in this city. I will deliver on my comprehensive plan to protect 237,000 renters, build 285,000 new homes with a minimum of 57,000 being purpose-built rental homes, and directly support at least 95,000 vulnerable residents."

Blake Acton

Question from TRREB

Q1: In your opinion, what are the two greatest challenges facing the City of Toronto today?

candidate response

There are several just to name a few, safety and cleanliness in our city, along with affordable housing

Q2: If elected, will you support and accelerate the commitments made in the 2023 Housing Action Plan, including ending municipal exclusionary zoning by-laws and policies in Toronto that will allow and encourage more medium-density housing and purpose-built rental units?


Q3: If elected, would you support reducing approval times and other red tape barriers that limit the building of new housing in Toronto, thereby speeding up development?


Q4: If elected, would you push for more investment in critical infrastructure, such as transportation, to facilitate growth and housing by finding creative ways to secure funding from the provincial and federal governments?


Q5: If elected, would you commit to capping municipal costs added to new housing in order to limit further affordability erosion, and instead work together with the higher levels of government in finding new and sustainable funding mechanisms?


Q6: The City’s biggest and main source of revenue is property taxes. What would you support by way of annual property tax increases to maintain and/or improve the current services and programs the City provides?


Q7: If elected, would you be willing to explore reform or adjustments to the Municipal Land Transfer Tax in Toronto? This might include increasing the first-time buyer rebate and indexing the MLTT rebate and tax thresholds to account for housing price inflation.


Q8: If you become the next mayor of Toronto, what is your top priority that you want to accomplish in the first 100 days in office?

90 day City audit, reign back the wasteful spending and begin strategically spending where needed. Toronto is crumbling. I’d run this city like a business not a charity. Bring extremely intelligent individuals to the round table to discuss outside the box ideas.

If elected, will you use the “strong mayor powers” to modify the budget to pay for your key priorities?